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Civil Engineering - CE

Civil Engineering students at the University of Twente are engineers who are trained to solve civil engineering problems, both technical and non-technical. Civil engineering also contains parts of Business Administration and Public Administration. The study offers three specializations: construction/infrastructure, traffic and transportation & spacing and water management.


  • Civil Engineering and Management
  • Construction Management and Engineering
  • Transport Engineering and Management
  • Water Engineering and Management
  • Integrated Civil Engineering Systems

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Industrial Design - ID

Industrial Design combines technique and creativity in order to design consumer products which are useful and well designed, fitting the target audience. Products should be functional and visually appealing, produced to a fair price, easy to use and well distributable. Industrial designers not only know how to design products; they also have knowledge of the technical requirements. Furthermore, industrial designers know about production systems and let ergonomics and the interaction between people and products be an important factor during the design process. Industrial Designers know how to work together in projects, are able to fulfill customer wishes and excel in generating ideas and the communication of those.


  • Human Technology Relations
  • Management of Product Development
  • Emerging Technology Design

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Mechanical Engineering - ME

Mechanical Engineering focuses on knowledge and skills that are needed during designing, fabricating, applying and changing the product, materials, processes and the equipment. ME has a leading role in a wide range of research areas, such as: storage and transport of needs, metallurgy, methodical-designing of products, controlling and automation of production systems and fluidized combustion.


  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Design, Production and Management
  • Maintenance Engineering and Operations
  • Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces and Systems
  • Thermal and Fluid Engineering

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Creative Technology - CreaTe

Creative Technology is a multidisciplinary study at the University of Twente, where the students combine the theories behind electrical engineering, design, business and IT to apply this knowledge in rapid prototyping with a strong emphasis on user experience, the development of business models and to lay a broad foundation for the students' professional futures.


  • Interaction Technology
  • Systems and Control
  • Embedded Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Industrial Design Engineering

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Electrical Engineering - EE

Electrical Engineering is focused on the design and realization of components and systems from the fundamental knowledge of the basic sciences. Signal-processing and control systems are central and are also the fields of application with the most developments.


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Systems and Control
  • Embedded Systems
  • Nanotechnology

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Technical Computer Science -TCS

Technical Computer Science has a diverse program which focuses on designing, constructing and applying information-, communication- and control systems. The study covers the area from software engineering to real hardware and embedded systems, as well as the interaction between people and computers and the formal models involved. The students design and analyze information and operating systems. Furthermore, the students construct software, devices and networks.


  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science and Techonology
  • Methods and Tools for Verification
  • Software Technology
  • Wireless and Sensor Systems

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Applied Mathematics - AM

The study Applied Mathematics focuses on the problems in the technical, logistical, system theoretical, economic and financial field. These problems are modelled and fed back on the real situation. Therefore, AM students are good in the optimization and analyzation of complex problems. Because of the analytical mindset that the students develop, the AM students are widely applicable in a large number of companies.


  • Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science
  • Operations Research
  • Data science

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Business & IT - BIT

Business & IT is the bridge between Information Technology and Business Administration. BIT concentrates on issues where information and communication technology and business administration are strongly connected. The study contains technical, mathematical and business components. Besides these three main components, the study pays attention to the application of information technology, social sciences and communicative skills.


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Management
  • Business Analytics

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University College Twente - ATLAS University College Twente - ATLAS

University College Twente offers the only Honours Bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands that combines Technology with Liberal education. It takes a unique approach to engineering education aspired to educate a different kind of engineers who are capable of addressing global challenges and designing solutions in a wide range of social, cultural and political contexts. Students can position themselves anywhere on the spectrum from hardcore-technical to a more social orientation. Graduates then continue their studies in a variety of master’s programs.

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Advanced Technology - AT

Advanced Technology (AT) is an international, multidisciplinary, technical bachelor program which lasts 3 years. In contrary to other technical studies AT does not limit itself to one specific domain, but gives students a broad basis of different disciplines. Based on ‘problem-based learning’ students get trained in finding solid solutions for modern engineering problems. Besides this wide range of technical knowledge, students are trained in entrepreneurship and social orientation. Working in groups and doing projects is very important in this study. During the first two years of AT, a brought basis of different technical fields is established. In the third year, students have to choose the direction in which they want to do their master studies. AT does not have a specific specialisation, therefore everyone chooses a different direction for their master. The largest part of the students chooses for the master Nanotechnology. Other popular masters for AT students are Systems and Control, Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, and Mechanical Engineering.

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Biomedical Technology - BMT

Biomedical Technology is a people-oriented technical study. This study combines (bio)medical knowledge and techniques to solve the problems in the health care sector. The biomedical scientist investigates, designs and develops new methods, processes, tools or systems to improve health care and medical practices. To find the best solution, biomedical scientists combine the knowledge of different areas: physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biology and medicine.


  • Imaging & Diagnostics
  • Bionanotechnology
  • Neural and Motor Systems

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Chemical Science and Engineering - CsE

Chemical science and Engineering includes chemical, technical, physical and mathematical aspects. The emphasis is on the design and integration of knowledge in technological systems. In the bachelor phase, chemistry, process technology, material science, physical chemistry and basic math are introduced. Furthermore, students learn to conduct experiments and projects in the fields of design and research.

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Technical Medicine - TG

Technical Medicine is a study that focuses on the use, design and improvement of technology in health care. The study is a combination of technology and medicine. The student is educated as engineer who furthermore has a lot of knowledge on medicine. The knowledge of a technical medicine student reaches far in both disciplines. Hereby a technical medicine student creates the optimal use and development of technology in the health care.


  • Medical Sensing & Stimulation
  • Medical Imaging & Interventions

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Applied physics - APH

Applied Physics focuses on the analytical capabilities of students, which is a useful skill to have in any situation. Applied Physics pays a lot of attention to gaining experimental skills. The experimental part is strongly related to a mathematical and theoretical physics basis. Within Applied Physics the following aspects are studied: biophysics, optical techniques, nanotechnology, laser physics, superconductivity, solid physics, rheology, computational science and heat- and hydrodynamics.


  • Nanotechnology
  • Applied Physics

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International Business Administration - IBA

In 2013 the Dutch study Bedrijfskunde has been replaced with the study International Business administration. The study focuses on business management. Not only companies but also the working environment of the companies became the subject of interest. The main focus of International Business Administration at the University Twente is on disciplines like finance, human resource management, procurement, development, strategy and marketing. In addition, International Business Administration offers practical experience for students by facilitating practical assignments, for example small internships.


  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing & Business Information
  • Human Resource Management
  • Purchasing & Supply Management
  • Financial Management

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European Public Administration - EPA

The University of Twente offers the bachelor program European Public Administration, which focuses on and tempts to solve social issues in a broad context by combining and integrating the perspectives of law, economics, political science and sociology. Alumni end up at governments, non-profit organizations and large businesses as consultants, managers and policymakers.


  • Public Administration
  • European Studies

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Health Sciences

The study of Health Sciences (Gezondheidswetenschappen in Dutch) overlaps with Business Administration and Public Administration in multiple areas and seeks to apply these areas to the healthcare sector. A great number of unique courses give this program a distinctive character. Some of these courses are: organization of the caretaking process, the economy of the healthcare and medical law. Since the core aspects (care, cure, prevent) of healthcare are paid attention to at all levels, the main focus of this study is the integrated care.


  • Health Sciences

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Industrial Engineering and Management - IEM

Industrial Engineering and Management (Technische Bedrijfskunde in Dutch) is an application-oriented, technical scientific study. The main focus is on production analysis, design and improvement, logistic, financial and information technologic processes and systems, both inside and outside companies. The working process of the study is based on solid knowledge of the focal areas operational management, financial management and informational management, as well on the focal areas HRM, organization science and innovation management.


  • Production and Logistic Management
  • Health Care Technology and Management
  • Financial Engineering and Management

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Communication Science - CS

Students of Communication Science at the University of Twente are educated to be researchers and problem solvers in the area of complex ‘organizational communication’. The Communication Science-alumni of the University of Twente develop strategies for internal and external communication in profit and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, Communication Science alumni are hired as external consultants in order to solve communication problems within companies.


  • Organizational Communication & Reputation
  • Technology & Communication
  • Digital Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Communication & Design

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Psychology - PSY

Psychology students at the University of Twente learn to be application-oriented professionals on the edge between behavioral sciences and technology. They are schooled in psychological basic knowledge and are able to deliver scientific justified psychological research. Furthermore, they are specialized in the design of interventions which are focused on solving social problems with the use of technology.


  • Human Factors & Engineering Psychology
  • Conflict, Risk and Safety
  • Learning Sciences
  • Health Psychology and Technology
  • Positieve Psychologie & Technologie

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Philosophy of Science Technology and Society - PSTS

The master PSTS investigates the edges between science, technology and society. It is a two-year English taught and especially multidisciplinary study with a strong international character. In PSTS, the reflection on the role of science and technology is in a broad social context. The program aims to evaluate the interaction between science, technology and society and propose solutions to improve and possibly make adjustments. The master is specially created for students who want to go wider on their technical, social or philosophical background. Therefore it is possible to subscribe for this master with every UT bachelor study.

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Educational Science & Technology - EST

The master Educational Science and Technology is focused on the design and evaluation of educational trajectories at schools and organizations. The master is widely orientated with subjects like educational instructions for young elementary school kids, development of interactive materials for vocational education, assessing of studies and school performances, talent and leadership development and retraining of adults in their own company environment.

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Science Education and Communication - SEC

Students SEC are trained to become secondary school teachers. Teachers are an important link between science, technology and society. A teacher inspires the scientist of the future. The study offers different specializations: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, or the combinations Research & Design and Nature, Life & Technology.

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Teacher VHO Sociology & Social Sciences - LVHOM

The master LVHOM uses theory and practice combined to teach students how to enthuse young people about complex political subjects. The subjects of interest play a special role in secondary school curricula. During this study the target groups are taught how to shape democratic citizenship by solving social issues. Examples are political participation of youth, citizenship, democracy and values.

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Nanotechnology is an international, multidisciplinary 2-year long master program which focuses on the design, creation and study of functional materials, structures, devices and systems by directly controlling matter on the nanometre scale. Nanotechnology is an emerging field that brings together elements from traditional disciplines, such as applied physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and biology. The multidisciplinary research field of nanotechnology focuses on these changes with a view to designing and developing functional materials, structures, devices and systems.

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