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The 36th board of Stichting Bedrijvendagen Twente

Lisa van Disseldorp - Chairman
Rianne Dalhuisen - Secretary & Public Relations official
Thom Rikken - Treasurer
Jasper Sustronk - Acquisition official
Nieck Saris - Logistics official & Vice-chairman
Charlotte van der Meulen - Publications official

Lisa van Disseldorp

Being Chairman within the 36th board of Foundation Bedrijvendagen Twente means that you are the point of contact for the foundation, both internally and externally. You talk to external parties, chair meetings and guide discussions. In the beginning of the year, you are busy with drawing up the policy plan. The rest of the year you are the one who makes sure that decisions are based on the written policy plan. At the end of the year, you will write an evaluation report on the decisions made in connection to the policy plan. As chairman, it is important to know what goes on within the board. It is especially important to keep an overview for the entire board, and guide them whenever necessary. Besides these tasks, you will motivate the team and will plan and organize various team-building activities. As chairman, I hope to make this year successful again together with the rest of my board!

Rianne Dalhuisen
Public Relations Official & Secretary

The Public Relations official organises the promotion of the Bedrijvendagen. The goal is to promote the activities of the Bedrijvendagen to students as much as possible. This is done by keeping all social media channels up-to-date, distributing free promotion articles and organising prize-winning competitions. As secretary, it is your responsibility to maintain contact with the study associations as well as other UT-organisations. You are also responsible for all internal communication and taking the minutes during meetings.

Thom Rikken

As treasurer of the Bedrijvendagen Twente you are responsible for the finances. You make an annual budget and oversee the incoming and outgoing money. Over the year you organise all the invoices and declarations and at the end of the year you make a financial report.

Jasper Sustronk
Officer of Acquisition

The Officer of Acquisition of the Bedrijvendagen Twente is in charge of the contact with the companies that participate in the event. One of the primary tasks is the recruitment and selection of these companies. Since the target group of the Bedrijvendagen is vast, it is important that the group of participating companies is as interesting and diverse as possible. The Officer of Acquisition has an important role in that task. Lastly, the Officer of Acquisition is often in contact with the companies to discuss their wishes and make sure that they are able to present themselves in the best way possible!

Nieck Saris
Logistics Official & Vice-Chairman

As a Logistics Official you are responsible for arranging all facility issues related to the program components. Arranging suitable locations for the career fair and other events, permits for the events, catering for the activities and drawing up the logistical schedules for the various events of the Bedrijvendagen Twente are all the responsibility of the Logistics Official. The Vice-Chairman supports the Chairman in his duties if necessary. You will have regular contact to discuss current issues and points for attention. In the absence of the Chairman you also take over its duties.

Charlotte van der Meulen
Publications Official

The Publications Official takes care of all printed matter of the Bedrijvendagen Twente. The main task is putting together the book and the company- and the student brochure. Besides the book and brochures you make the design of all posters, flyers, folders and all other promotion material, this in combination with the maintenance of contact with the graphic designer and printer.

Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board supervises the board of the Bedrijvendagen Twente. There are no more than nine places in the Supervisory Board, represented by study associations, the Student Union and old board members of the Bedrijvendagen Twente. The members of the Supervisory Board have the following responsibilities:

• The appointment and dismissal of Bedrijvendagen Twente board members;
• The approving or rejecting the policy plan, the budget plan and the (financial) annual report;
• To monitor policy and board issues of the Bedrijvendagen Twente;
• The approval or rejection of changes to the regulations and articles of the Bedrijvendagen Twente.

It may happen that a problem arises between the Bedrijvendagen Twente and an external party. Of course, it will first be attempted to resolve this between themselves. If both parties do not agree, they can inform the Supervisory Board individually or together. For individual issues regarding the selection process of participants, contact can be made with the Acquisition Official.

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