Student registration

Prof.dr. Thom Palstra
Rector Magnificus University of Twente

"Do you see yourself as a scientist, a designer, a healthcare professional, a policy maker, an IT specialist? Would you like to work in a commercial environment, or rather in a government organization? There is a very attractive way of finding out: The Bedrijvendagen Twente."

Onno van Veldhuizen
Major of Enschede

“Mark my words: you will find out that, at the Bedrijvendagen, you will always be in good company.”

Eddy van Hijum
Deputy of the Province Overijssel

As Financial Deputy of the Province Overijssel, Eddy van Hijum has a valuable understanding about developments on the job market in the region.

Mark van Vuuren
Associate Professor at the University of Twente

As Associate professor specialized in Organisational Communications, Mark van Vuuren gives valuable advice about internal and external processes of the Bedrijvendagen Twente.

Michael Angelo Groeneveld
Owner of El Niño

As ICT specialist and web developer of the Bedrijvendagen Twente, Michael Angelo Groeneveld has been giving valuable advice at the Bedrijvendagen Twente for years.